Four-Year Sun Devils in 2024-25 (2024)

(Note: Those listed below are expected to be competing or have competed in their fourth -- or fifth -- season at Arizona State and have never played at another university.Some folks below might be listed and might transfer and continue to play, and they will be removed, and we wish them well.Also, some sports aren't listed here as their rosters are still being constructed. Hang with us as we clean up this list, but we figured this would be a good start. If someone is missing, just and let Doug know. This is a list of four-year Sun Devils who have started and remain Sun Devils).

The transfer portal is a 365/24/7 thing in college athletics. It is here is here to stay, along with instant eligibility and the NIL. Student-athletes now have the ability to make change and do it fast. There is now more roster movement moving forward, and someone playing four years at one school won't be a regular occurrence. So we decided to do a list of those that have stuck with the maroon and gold only.

Below listed alphabetically are Sun Devils who will compete at ASU for their fourth year in 2024-25(and some of them fifth year due to COVID extra year granted). We don'ttake them for granted, as they areSun Devils from the start and through the ASU finish, and never put on another collegiate uniform and have remained here for more than three years.


Bourguet enters the 2024 season with the Sun Devils as a redshirtseniorwith20 career games. Bourget has totaled up 3,091 passing yards and 15 touchdowns during his career as a Sun Devil. In 2022, Bourguetstarted five games and appeared in seven for the Sun Devils last season, totaling 1,490 yards with 11 touchdowns with an efficient 71 percent completion rate. Bourguet was named Manning Award Quarterback of the week for his performance against No. 21 Washington. Bourguet's435 yards against Colorado was the second-most by an ASU quarterback in his first career start and 15th-most for a single game in program history.

Bray enters the 2024 season with the Sun Devils as a redshirtsenior with fifteen career games. Bray earned his first start in the 2022 season against Oregon State and saw action in six games on that season, where he allowed just one pressure on 40 pass-blocking plays. Bray had the Sun Devil's third-best pass-blocking score of the season (70.5) and was not credited with a sack allowed on that year.

Cooper finished his fifth season with the Sun Devils as a redshirt senior with 36 career games. Cooper finished his career as a Sun Devil with a total of 69 tackles, 8 TFL's, and 6 sacks. In 2022, Cooper had a strong season starting all 12 games for the Sun Devils with 21 total tackles and two sacks. Cooper was No. 10 in the Pac-12 among edge defenders with a pass rushing score of 76.0.

McCullough enters the 2024 season with the Sun Devils as a redshirt senior with 31 career games. In this last season, McCullough had an impressive season totaling up 52 tackles, 4.5 TFL, 2 PD, and 1 FF. In 2022, McCullough was involved in 194 special teams snaps, third-most on the Sun Devil roster. During his redshirt freshman season, McCullough was ASU's fourth-highest graded special teams player among those with at least 90 snaps.

Morgan finished up his fourth season with the Sun Devils as a redshirt junior with 25 career games. Morgan totaled up 13 receiving yards off of 2 catches in the 2023 season. Morgan appeared in 11 games for the Sun Devils in 2022, primarily on special teams where he played 116 snaps.

Woods enters the 2024 season with the Sun Devils as a redshirt senior with 32 career games. Woods started in six of the 12 games he played in 2023. He totaled up 33 tackles along with 5 PD's and an interception. Woods started in seven of the eight games he played in 2022, totaling six pass breakups which was second on the team in this statistic. Woods forced an incompletion on 26.5 percent of the passes thrown his way, which was the highest tally among Pac-12 corners with at least 200 snaps in coverage and eight-highest in the entire FBS.

Four-Year Sun Devils in 2024-25 (2024)
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