Serial sperm donor will soon have 55 children after a 'donation tour' (2024)

A serial sperm donor who will soon have 55 children after travelling on a "donation tour".

Kyle Gordy has already made six donations to women in the UK and Europe and more kids are expected.

The 30-year-old from Los Angeles, California, USA, is father to 46 children and currently has nine more on the way - with at least three of his future donation kids located in the UK.

A young couple from Cambridge, UK, have told how they are grateful for Kyle's donation he made while on his first "sperm donation tour" last year, as they are now 27 weeks pregnant.

Kyle said: "This is my second sperm donation tour to the UK and Europe.

"I've travelled from London all the way up to Edinburgh to donate.

"I'm now in Berlin waiting for a couple to get over Covid so I can donate my sperm to them.

"I was in the UK and Europe back in August 2021 as well, where I also went to Denmark and Sweden to donate.

"I'm really enjoying my time here, but it is much harder to find healthy and organic foods which I rely on to keep my sperm healthy.

"I hope to come back and visit Ireland and Wales. I'm also looking to go to Australia and New Zealand soon."

Engaged UK couple Kathryn, 26, and Alice, 25, are currently expecting a child - carried by Kathryn - thanks to Kyle's donation back in August 2021.

The women say they are grateful for his help in making their dreams of completing their family come true.

Alice said: "We decided to have a baby to complete our family, as I have a three-year-old son and we wanted another, and for Kathryn to carry so we both have that experience.

"We were drawn to Kyle's profile after a friend told us about him, and we saw posts of his positive pregnancies and beautiful donor children.

"The fact that he has a history of successful pregnancies was very comforting to us.

"We got to know Kyle quite a bit before we decided. First thing we asked for was recent STD results, which he did not hesitate to provide.

"We loved that his entire family were well-educated. According to Kyle, his family consists mainly of lawyers, engineers, scientists and programmers.

"We also liked that he was open to contact with the child after birth. We want our child to have the option of being able to know their biological father."

Kathryn added that they preferred to use Kyle's donation over a sperm bank due to the "freshness" of the specimen and the more personable nature of the agreement.

She said: "Fresh sperm is more effective at achieving pregnancy than frozen sperm. We got pregnant the first cycle with Kyle and only had one donation.

"We had friends use banks and most ended up trying multiple cycles to get pregnant and some did not get pregnant at all, so the success rate of frozen sperm was a huge turn off.

"We enjoyed the fact we got to get to know him, and he was more than just a number on a vial.

"When we met up and after the insemination, we got to know Kyle more and really talk to him on a deeper level, which you cannot find at any sperm bank.

"He told us more about his life, was funny, made us feel comfortable, and we really just hit it off and knew we made the right choice."

Kyle said he always dreamed of having children but never felt compelled to get into a relationship as he is turned off by high divorce rates and the responsibility that comes with monogamy.

Then in 2014, he made his first successful sperm donation to a mutual female friend who wanted to have a baby with her girlfriend.

After the couple became pregnant, Kyle says word quickly spread about his "strong sperm" which led him to more donations and soon he began as sharing his services on his Instagram account @KyleGordy123 .

He explained: "I always wanted to have kids. I've had a few failed relationships but it is something I'm open to in the future with the right person.

"It will take someone special to accept me for what I do.

"I was going to apply to a sperm bank, but it felt so cold and clinical. I also didn't like the fact that you never knew what happened to your sperm.

"The specimens at a bank could be sitting there for years. You don't really know what you're getting.

"I have no idea why a woman would want to use a sperm bank when the success rate is quite low."

Kyle is open to making donations via artificial insemination using his sperm or through sexual intercourse, which he says accounts for roughly 10% of donations.

He explained: "Some women prefer the old-fashioned way, as they don't want to waste time and they feel it will be more effective.

"They will ask if we can just have sex, and I'll tell them I'm up for it and we exchange STD tests."

While Kyle has met nine of his kids in person, he said he receives updates about all his children.

Kyle manages a group chat dedicated to the mothers of his children, who use the space to talk with each other and exchange photos of their kids - who are all half-siblings.

He said: "We're like a little modern family. It's nice to see the mums speaking to each other and swapping photos.

"For me, this is so much better than donating to a sperm bank. This way I get pictures, I get to be friends with the mothers and see my kids grow up."

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Health-conscious Kyle eats organic food while also consuming 18 different herbs and supplements a day to ensure his sperm is in tip-top shape.

He also claims that he never consumes caffeine, drinks alcohol, uses drugs or smokes cigarettes.

Kyle does not charge anything for his donations and says he does it simply because he wants to help women have children.

Kyle visited 13 US states to donate, including California Oregon, Kansas, Alaska, Seattle, Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Illinois, Hawaii and North Carolina.

He has so far visited England, Scotland, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Mexico to donate.

He said: "I need to keep myself healthy, so I have the best sperm. This is important to me.

"It might seem excessive, but I want to make sure what I'm donating is tip top.

"I'm not sure what the future will hold but for now i'm happy being able to donate to women and couples in need."

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Serial sperm donor will soon have 55 children after a 'donation tour' (2024)


How many children did Jonathan Meijer have? ›

Meijer, who did not participate in the docuseries, has claimed he has fathered approximately 550 children, not 1,000 as the title suggested.

What is the maximum number of children a sperm donor can have? ›

Family limits

We have a limit of no more than 10 families per donor, which is the nation's lowest family limit. Many sperm banks have limits of 20, 40 or more.

Who is the sperm donor with 70 children? ›

A "90 Day Fiancé" contestant is also one of the sperm donors in Netflix's "The Man with 1000 Kids." Kyle Gordy appeared on "90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise" earlier this year. Gordy, who claims to have fathered over 70 kids, also runs a sperm donation website.

Who has 1,000 kids? ›

Released earlier this month, “The Man With 1000 Kids” explores the fallout from the case of serial sperm donor Jonathan Meijer, a Dutch man who fathered children around the globe via donations to sperm banks, as well as through private meetings he reportedly held directly with prospective mothers.

How many children does Jonathan Jacob have? ›

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. In a New York Times report from 2021, Jonathan Jacob Meijer provided an even lower number. “I have approximately 250 children,” he said then. “Assumptions of 1,000 are ridiculous.

Has a sperm donor had 500 children? ›

Catch up on the developing stories from around the globe making headlines. A 41-year-old man allegedly fathered more than 500 children in the Netherlands, according to the Donorkind Foundation, an organization that helps children born via sperm donations who are looking for their origins.

Who is the sperm donor who has 100s of children? ›

Court case. Meijer was banned from donating sperm in the Netherlands in 2017 after it emerged he was the father of 102 children, born from donations made to 11 clinics around the country.

Who is the sperm donor with 90 kids? ›

Using his donor number, they had found their way to one another online and formed a Facebook group to stay in touch. At last count Stone-Miller estimates that he has at least 97 biological children in six countries — but says the true number could be more than 250.

Is it illegal to donate too much sperm? ›

There is no uniform limit across the US on the number of donations a single donor can make – but there are best standards. The ASRM guidelines state that clinics and sperm banks should keep sufficient records to allow a limit to be set for the number of pregnancies for which a donor is responsible.

Can I donate sperm if I'm 5 8? ›

Most sperm banks prefer ages 18 to 35. Height- Most sperm bank clients prefer to have taller children and some are willing to pay more for a donor that is 6′ tall in order to increase the chances of having a tall child. The average height requirements for sperm banks vary from 5'8” or even taller.

Is 40 too old to donate sperm? ›

Be between 18 and 45 years old. Have good sperm quality. Have a good physical and mental health. Provide a detailed medical history of his genetic origins.

Who had 500 kids? ›

The man, identified as Jonathan Meijer, is no longer allowed to donate his sem*n to fertility clinics anywhere in the world, the ruling said. He was also ordered to contact any clinics abroad that have his sem*n and ask them to destroy it — unless the samples are reserved for parents who already have children by him.

Who is the man with 96 children? ›

Dylan Stone-Miller took a 9,000-mile road trip this summer to see some of his 96 children. Emotionally, logistically, in all ways, it is complicated for the kids, their families and for Stone-Miller, a prolific sperm donor.

Is a sperm donor still a dad? ›

The man is known as a sperm donor and the sperm he provides is known as "donor sperm" because the intention is that the man will give up all legal rights to any child produced from his sperm, and will not be the legal father. Sperm donation may also be known as "sem*n donation".

Who has fathered the most children? ›

Ismail Ibn Sharif – 1,171 children

The Guinness Book of Records, in featuring the sultan's prodigious pack, quoted 1,042 as the total number who called him dad.

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Ari Nagel (1975 or 1976) is an American mathematics professor and a sperm donor who has fathered more than 165 children as of June 2024. He has been nicknamed the Sperminator or the Target Donor, after the American retail corporation in whose stores some of his artificial-insemination donations were performed.

How many babies can be made from one sperm? ›

The 10 family limit is just one of the reasons why it's always best to donate to a sperm bank if you want to help someone conceive, even if you know the person you're donating to. Donating to a sperm bank protects you as the donor and the person using your sperm.

Are sperm donor babies healthy? ›

"Despite people's concerns, families with children born through third-party assisted reproduction -- whether that be an egg donor, sperm donor or a surrogate -- are doing well right up to adulthood," said Susan Golombok, Professor Emerita of Family Research and former Director of the Centre for Family Research, ...

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