Serial sperm donor has 48 children - but has no plans to stop (2024)

A serial sperm donor who has fathered 48 children insists he 'won't stop' until he 'isn't needed anymore'. Kyle Gordy, 31, has donated his sperm to over 150 families around the world and has just fathered his first British child who was born in Croydon last month.

Kyle, from Los Angeles, California, donated to the couple in October 2021 as part of his first ‘European Tour’ - where he visited England, Scotland and Sweden to meet some of the children he has fathered, On Monday, June 27, the pair delivered a little boy weighing just over 6lbs.

Kyle insists he'll keep going until his help is 'no longer needed' and says he donates his sperm to 'help single women and couples have children without having to go through a sperm bank and pay excessive fees'. He plans to meet the latest addition to his biological brood as soon as he can and says he 'couldn't be happier' making couples' dreams of having a family come true.

Kyle, an accountant, said: “It feels good having a child in the UK - it will be interesting to one day hear the voice of my child with a British accent. I also was very happy to help as they’re a good couple.

“It feels great to be a biological dad-of-48 and to have helped so many women fulfil their dreams of being mothers and see the children grow up. I’ve met nine of my children and I would definitely like to meet them all if that’s what the mothers would like.”

Kyle plans to keep donating for as long as 'women still need his services' and revealed he would have children of his own someday if the right woman came along. He said: “Though some people have asked me before, it wouldn’t worry me that my future children would have so many biological siblings.

“I connect with all the mums and stay in contact so I don’t think it would be a problem."

Kyle initially decided he would not have children of his own as dating and relationships were not working out for him and first donated his sperm in February 2014 to a lesbian couple in California, US, who wanted to conceive. He said: “I never had kids of my own, so I initially thought this was my way of helping out.”

Since then, he has become a prolific sperm donor as word about his services spread through word of mouth, on his Instagram account and TikTok. The mothers of his first British child came across Kyle via his Instagram account and made contact with him, requesting him to pay a visit on his travels to the UK.

The lesbian couple already have a young child from one of the women’s previous relationships but decided to contact Kyle as they wanted to have a baby together. As requested, Kyle provided his STD results, information about his family, education, interests and further details.

He said: “I went to their place. We had an introduction and then I gave them my sperm in a little cup.

“They went into their bedroom and inserted and two weeks later, they were expecting. They messaged me to say they were about to give birth in a few days and once the child was born, they sent photos over and told me how much they loved the baby. He was born with brown hair, like me, and blue eyes like his mum.”

Kyle revealed the mothers are happy for him to see his child, like many of the women he has donated to, and has even asked him to donate again when they are ready for their next child. The donor remains in contact with all the women he has donated to and has even set up a WhatsApp group chat with over 40 mothers who he has fathered children with.

He said: “The mums trade pictures of the children and how they’re getting on. They’ll post photos of their kids playing sports or their first day of school or kindergarten.

“There’s lots of commonalities - it’s very interesting and always brings a smile to my face and I sometimes even see my own traits in them. Seeing them do well is great - there’s really no greater joy than seeing them grow up and be productive members of society.”

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Serial sperm donor has 48 children - but has no plans to stop (2024)
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