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Motorway clears after crash Two lanes have reopened after a crash on one of the county's busiest roads. Caution for prankster arrested over creepy clown stunt A prankster arrested after being filmed dressing up as a baseball bat-wielding "creepy clown" and jumping out at shoppers has been handed a caution. Doors locked at tourist attraction Staff have reportedly been left in tears following the sudden closure of a tourist attraction. Girl died in adventure holiday mountain bike crash A Kent girl died on an adventure holiday in Turkey after losing control of her bike. Increase in abuse of vulnerable adults Social services chiefs say there has been a significant increase in the number of claims about abuse against vulnerable adults in the county. This rocking horse is worth almost £100,000 Why this rocking horse is on sale for a staggering £96,000. £55m regeneration plan set to go ahead Councillors are set to approve plans for a multi-million pound regeneration scheme which includes a new superstore, hotel, and brewery visitor centre 'Bright' student jumped 100ft from Asda after break-up A popular teenager took her own life by jumping 100ft from an Asda multi-storey car park after breaking up with her girlfriend, an inquest heard. Clown craze continues to spread across county Pranksters dressed as sinister circus characters have been spotted near children's play area. Dartford tunnel closures after breakdown Traffic is backed up for miles as one of the tunnels at Dartford is completely closed. Light-fingered thief steals pillows worth £1,000 A thief has gone down after admitting shoplifting goods worth more than £3,000 - including pillows worth £1,000 in one go. Road closed after rush-hour crash Police and ambulance crews are at the scene of an accident this morning. Savage thug jailed for rape A rapist who threw a woman to the floor and raped her twice has been jailed for 11 years. Teen girl arrested after 'serious assault' A 14-year-old girl has been arrested and a man rushed to hospital with serious injuries after a reported assault. Ten things you didn't know about clowns Just in case you're not absolutely fed up with clowns, here are some clown facts you may find useful. More water woe as high street gushes Just as parts of north Kent got back to normal after a burst water main caused havoc... this happens. Real clown speaks out about 'stupid' craze A children's entertainer has spoken of the effect the "killer clown" craze is having on her business. Pair deny pouring boiling water over pensioners in burglary Two men accused of beating an elderly couple and pouring boiling water on them in a brutal burglary lasting three hours will stand trial next year. Racist graffiti scrawled at three stations Police are hunting a vandal who daubed racist graffiti at three Kent railway stations. 'Children could die swallowing button batteries': Warning Kent trading chiefs have warned of a potentially lethal battery which could get stuck in a young child's throat and even kill. Hang glider hurt in clifftop crash A hang glider has been rushed to hospital after crashing into cliffs on the Kent coast. Home superstore to open this week A huge new store is opening on Thursday and with one of the bosses from Gravesend, it promises to be good for the town. Whoops! Car ends up in bush on business park A driver was left red faced after their car became wedged in a bush this morning. Almost 60 clown-related incidents in three days Almost 60 clown-related incidents have been reported to Kent Police in just three days, as the alarming trend prompts officers to appeal for calm. 'Murder' victim died of choking and kicks A 20-year-old was choked and kicked while on the ground before dying in a shopping centre car park, it's emerged. Overturned vehicle on motorway All lanes of a busy motorway have now reopened after a vehicle overturned during a collision. Crews tackle house blaze Fire crews wore breathing apparatus to tackle a blaze at a detached house. Paddle boarder found in English Channel A paddle boarder was rescued after being spotted trying to cross the world's busiest shipping lane... wearing shorts. Southern strikes hit passengers again Kent commuters face more disruption as train guards launch new strike action. Hundreds of council staff on zero hours contracts Nearly 800 people working for Kent County Council are on zero hours contracts, according to figures obtained by the KM Group.
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KentOnline news, traffic and weather for Kent and Medway (2024)
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