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401 A I I A KOV. 12, 19SO KNIGHTS OF SF, JOHN NOMINATIONS Jfbiaination of officers was held the scheduled meeting of Knights Sti John; No. 320, Tuesday night. iir Zinimerer was nominated for esident, with no opposition. Carl ivig and Joseph Burkart are minees for first vice president, lile Malt Emenaker, Frank Mer aad Herman Kohl are in the list second vice president.

Other osminatioJis follow: reirord- secretary, James DcKazio; fi- ineial secretary, Xconard Vidoii- treasurer, Albert Yordy and trustees, Joseph idourek, Charles Geiz, Charles adwig, John Huesing, Frank Kuhl id William Connaughton. Election of officers will ho held i Tuesday, December 9. Albert ordy, Lawrence Emenaker and erman Kuhl were appointed on a Bnmittea to plan for the installa- on ceremonies. 'Announcement was made of tho niform Rank meeting to bo held i. Friday night at 7:30 o'clock.

ffietris for the next three years ill fie nominated at the time. WASHINGTON (Continued from Editorial page.) 'nth Bryan Owen, democrat, both strong in their hom*o districts icy were unopposed. Mrs. Kahn was said to be carry- forward a political family tradi- on in San Francisco. It was relat- her friends, that her son had for his father, his mother, his.

grandmother; and that he ace -voted his mother'for con- ress and his grandmother for the education at tho same More Than 65,000 Read Every Day JOURNAL'S CLASSIFIED PAGE Two Centt A Word-Minimum Charge 25c Local Notes and Notices Card Party Given by Athletic Association at Butler County Business' College, Thursday evening: Cards 8 o'clock sharp. It Person Buying Hamilton double barrel, hammer shot gun about October 1st, bom Dncrsch's, please see Tom at Duerseb's. It- subject, both sides of the equation were agreed the senate is still a lascnline stronghold, they argued one day be a "first wom- elected to the senate." Building Association Notice The Hamilton Homestead aud Loan Co. requests that all passj books be left for credit of dividends, and animal audit, at the new lota-j lion of their office, 14 North Thirl street. Fannie L.

King, Secretary, nov 12-14--21 Euchre Bv Little Miami Council, No. 35, at Mrs. Edna Schulz, 826 Vine, Thursday afternoon and evening. 77--21 Euchre and "500" Given by fho Ohio Hairdressers' Association Tuesday evening, November 38 at 7:30 at the Fenmont Hamilton Evening Journal KatM Per Kord Deitb Notlcw. eti wora Ic of ThaDki.

per zc Kotleea. zr ocr word lc Notteee. per word ze Euchrn. Card Partlo. per zc Minimum chirrt of He on ads.

CANCELLING CLASSIFIED ADS WBID order for cancellation It given over telephone the entire ad should be read and the firm 01 name charged to. given at time of cancellation. Cancella. tlons and corrections must be madt before 11:00 a. m.

Plea.se read your ad. No allow, anco made for errors after the first day your ad runs. Classified 11:00 a. m. ada accepted until Phone 5GOO Club.

77--at Mt Herman i No. 19, W. S. ofJ. Will its regular meetin; Thursday, November 13th, at 7:30, TJnll Tallin Tlrinol- al K.

of P. W. S. Hall. Nellie Brinev, li Rummage Sale To be held Friday morning, November 14, at Jr.

0. UV A. M. and D. of A.

Hall, 442 South Second street. Door open at 8:30. 77--21 IIP TOWARD PEACE Editorial Page) Kpnciled How can civil dissen- ioirue prevented or. diminished; ie. internal problems of Germany external problems Srjthb: rest of the Looking the.

last years, doubt that the diplo- iacy allied powers has fal- yiVsh'prt of and- that he impossible bur- "thefbacks'of the German. matters to. the making, point. can be defeated, na. be disarmed, but they can- is; deprived of their spirit, re resistance which, frustrated French into tha by another i resistance revealed jKthe la6t German wil- rngnees to.

follow, leaders who open- y.annouiice their intention of. bring- ng abont a repudiation of the Ver- tulles" treaty and rcnarations pay- nents. problem of peaeo. has ba- a task of reconcil- ig friction that lias grown out if irarA itself. President Hoover's speech the Good Will coa- jress World Alliance for Eriternationai Friendship through, ifie churches was a dramatic plea for of the work of the London Naval conference as well as ji Peace Pact, together vitii snggestiou that treaties-oil conciliation and arbitration be nego- tiated'so as to hut-tress the Kellogg The president emphasized the aieed-'on the part oi' Ajijerica of a 'wide viewpoint.

He preached United.States with a significant reminder that the contribution of the United best be made in ti-nese'emergcneies when nations fail tp'keep their undertakings of Pacif- is'Lsettlement of disputes, by our entanglement as to the character president's'philosophy is contained-in this paragraph: purpose of our government ii cooperate with others, to use our "friendly and, short of any of tho use of force, to iise- every "friendly effort and all fopd will to maintain the peace of Ibis means that the States will not hold itself atopf-in the event of a world emergency bnt will not commit itself in yet will at the same Urns 'decide every cpestion of. its cooper- in the event of a violation of fiile Kellogg peace pact on the cir- as they arise. -Walls and Eemle Beauty Shop For three days, Le.Mur permanent-wave, Frederick, shampoo and finger wave, 50c; hair Open evenings. Phqne cut, 35c. It Message Meeting Thui'sday 2:30, private readings daily, 50o.

2189 Peck Mr. Lee. Women pf Moosehsart Legisn Will have sale Thursday morning, Moose Home. It Notice We, the undersigned, owners of farms in Reily forbid an3' hunting, trapping or tresspassing on-our cither day or night, any violation will be prosecuted: Chas. Bess, Sam.

Ko.eh- endarfer, Sam Schwab, John Wehr, James George Conrad, Clayton Cornelius, Elmer Bennett. Matthew Hively, William Eichhbrn, Herman Williams, Earl Creek, Ella Lackey, Williams Hopkins, Arthur Dare, William McCoy. It' Por Expert Service And.repairing, call Ray's'Radio Service, phone 182. 76--3t All Knights of Pythias And their families are cordially invited to attend an open meeting at the Castle Hall, Wednesday night, November 12 at 8:30 p. Good time for all.

Bring the ladies. 76--2t Headings True spirit return. 408 Belle ave- La Permanent, $3.50 Beautiful ringlet ends; long hair, 1 extra. All work guaranteed. Get your appointment in early for Holidays.

838 Heaton, on' Fair Ground car line. Phone 5584. Leonard Sparaeip, Com. Howard Warren, correspondent; Roy conductor; Ed Copus, Guarde de la porte; Oscar Elliott, William" Downey, Corn- mis. L'voyageur; and cheminots, Carl Keller, Harry Slarb, Dr.

Hugh Baker, Bill Williams. Leonard 1C-settlement ot uispuu-o, uv um ices'and helpfulness freed Sparaao received an appo.nmenl to from advance commitment or 'f aDd la porte by I he state department. Luncheon Speaker The chief speaker at I lie lunch- THO'JSANDS OBSERVE ARMISTICE DAY front last page) trustee, and Gordon Blend as his- 1 8 Dinner" rnoon parade in i'threo bands, patriotic orgau- 'ari'd lodges look part, a de- liih'ltat banquet was held at the Ar' of the "Forty of the. American Le- iWillium'-'Williaiiis relircd'-ns-ChcE office. Dr.

in iiisuu- office wcrn; Brudpr, Train; eon held at the K. of P. temple, was Colonel Walter C. Sweeney, chief of staff of the Fifth Corps area, stationed at Fort' Hayes, Columbus. Col.

Sweeney, a regular army man since 1898, has risen to his present station from the ranks and in explaining why he stayed in the service he stated there a wonderful fntore for any young American the spirit of service to his country in his makeup, in either the army or the navy. "At the outbreak of tlie Spanish- American said Col. Sweeney, "I was a medical student in a West Virginia town and like many others, I enlisted, expecting to stay in only for the duration of the war. Bat while in service, I unconsciously imbibed the spirit of service and after my promotion from a private to a second lieutcnantcy, I decided 10 make the army my career, a decision I have never regretted although the life of an army officer is a hard one and the pay "I have seen service in 16 countries-during the 32 years I lave in tho army and I "am proud that my country has seen fit to keep me iu its active Womsii In Service Col. Sweeney rsked members the Legion to.

aid. in any possible, the, passage of legislation that would served miring ifio late! war, Ilia-privileges ami other benefits wliidji "These women guvo us much to the service of their country as did we nien'Vsnid Sweeney, "aiid nre entitled to all the benefits their, government can give them. Many of them havo died as the result of exposure during their period of service anil many are ill and now, objects of charity because they are denied the pensions and hospital service open to men who served in t-te army and navy." Col. Sweeney closed his talk by congratulating the Legion upon ifs work, tho services at the graves of comrades and the enthusiasm shown on the anniversary of the signin; of the Armistice. Other Speakers Col.

J. R. Robertson, a veteran of both the Spanish-American aud Civil Wars, said tho spirit, of love of. country was as alive today 8s during the stirring.days proceeding and during Hie wars in which bo participated. Jack Rogers, who acted as foastruaster and Lieut.

Cowles, on Col. Sweeney's gave eihort talks. A presented to the by two students at Wilson Junior High, said the wreath was a. gift of the school. A resolution was passed accepting the and delegation appointed to place it upon the Field of Honor in Greenwood.

The new officers of Frank Dnrwin Post, American Legion, for- the coming year were installed by Dr. James A. Duff, National, Le'gioa vice commander. Dr. installing the left for Middletown where ie performed, the same act.

He returned in time, however, for the-''parade in Hamilton and for the Forty and Eight banquet Tuesday evening. Attended Banquet The evening banquet held at the Armory for, tlie Homines 40 et attended by following James Duff, naripnal vice comnuuuler of the American Legion. Dr. Homer.Wym- cr; Lucian Kahn. Robert M.

Sohu- Leeds Bronson, C. H. Taylor, Tfilliam Long, R. E. Crabtree, TJatavia; H.

Blaising, of Middletown; Russel Suriderland, John Abaer, 'Leonard Sparacio, George ScumilVj. B. Schoelcr, Morris-G. Warren, Heinie Hart, Phil Hart, Nickolas Jonson, Adolph Engel, Oscar Elliott, Dan Webster, Walter C.ihill,. Gordon Blend, Paul Pippert, J.

E. Peter- MU Gordon Henningur, Dr. William E. Smith, Edgar Georgeuson, Arnold Busker, Dr. W.

J. Schneider, Dr. Hugh. Baker, Joseph C. Scuoller, Omar Hannah, Stewart Ferguson, John H.

N. Ford, Wesley J. F. Seibert, Carl Williams, Robert Mense, P. M.

Welsh, Michael Coligan, Sam LevinBj David Butler, Ed Holbrock and Bud Brown. More" than .150 couples attended the si-Tth -annual Commander's Carnival ball, given by the American Legion at Jeff's Garden on Tuesday night. Gordon Henninger and Georgenson and ofehers, were-responsible for -the success of the affair. Lou Perry's "Foot Warmers" from Madison, furnished music for dancing during the evening. REFORMED DADS, SON SMEET (Continued from last page.) mood and referred to the early days of the First Reformed oharch and the community interest that is taken in this congregation.

Launching into. a more serious portion ot his talk, much of which was based upon his many years of experience on tho probate and common pleas he urged a better home life and a closer relation between father "and son. He paid a high tribute to Everett Recce, Slmndon, who has-taken' many boys from the Children's Home to care for them end give them a start in life. Mr. Recce, as usual, was one of the gnesfs at the dinner.

Liberality In Law Judge Murphy urged a liberality in law, a liberality that means real liberty of choice and action, but did not! mean license. He declared that the home life of many-children spelled their doom and urged that parents assume a greater responsibility and express a deep interest i their children. speaker also referred to the great cost of crime in this country, -as yesti- mated by Arthur Brisbane and the expenditure 'of only. $5,000,000,000 on schools, ind other which-are primarily meant the. the children." Tn'closing, Juilgc Murphy made an earnest pica for the church, for', hom*o life, for llio inspiration oC youlli and Iho avoidance of thoso lend bud com- APARTMENT Furnished, rooms and private hath, strictly modern; also sleeping room.

Can be seen at 6 p. phone 4768. 74-6t FOR RENT-ROOMS APARTMENT--Three rooms and bath, comfortably furnished, good beat, desirable location. 204 Progress avenue. ROOM--Sleeping, front, ideal residential district.

Well furnished. Phone 7aS. 77--41 ROOMS--Modern, furnished, sleeping or housekeeping; excellent heat; garage. 909 Campbell, 721-W. It HOUSE--Furnished, four rooms, with bath, for light'housekeeping.

Call 429 North" Fourth. It ROOMS--Two, for light housekeeping, well furnished, strictly modern. 903 Campbell avenue. ROOM--Front, furnished or unfurnished; home privileges; or lady willing to help with housework. 218 Eaton avenue, phone 5041.

77--2t ROOMS--Furnished, light housekeeping, a 11 sleeping. Apply Third Street Department Store, 214 South Third street. Phone 3359-M or 211S-W. 76--2t furnished i housekeeping; modern, furnace heat; also sleeping room. 410 North Second.

76--3t ROOMS--Two, light housekeeping, modern, steam heat, garage. 40 North Seventh. 76--21 VPARTMENT Two or rooms, furnished, all modern conveniences. Reference. 203 Ross avenue.

75--6t APARTMENT Furnished, three rooms and bath. 132 Nqrth St. 75--6t A A Housekeeping strictly Adults. Garage. Phone 1998-W.

75--cod--3t any to bad-actions and eventually sure punishment. The Guests guests at-the "affair'werp: R. B. Alston, George Stomps, tarry Milliard Henry, Wilard Bowman, 'Ralph Isaacs, John Touse, Miss Hazel Ziliox, Elvy louse, Judge Clarence Murphy, Rev. Walter B.

Leis, Fred Stiteinger, Billy Stit*inger, Oscar Stout, Robert E. Stit*inger, Gene Stit*inger. CClyde Whiteman, James Wick, Melvin Young, Stanley Sewell, Ches- Treer, R. B. Treer, Kenneth Louis P.

iohngen, Harry Jack Bnssel Zeller, Russel Zeller, Lee Charles leitsman, Earl Ayere, Elmore, Ay- fii Robert Coehran, Harry Coehran, Vilbur Ayers, 0. Beal, John ihafer, John Shafer. 'F. Silioi, Ralph Miller, a Jtomps, Louis Stomps, Edmund Hurer, Robert Huber. Other Guests L'.

E. Simpson, K. L. Jackson, lamnel Prickett, Robert Jackson, "ohn Bobinmycr. Lnroy Alston, 'rank Colgate, Elmer E.

Lewis, Ed- iard Foist, Herbert Zeller, Wilson Mgate, J. R. Bringman, Frank Carle, Bngene Best Ambrice Henry, Lewis Dillon, layton A. Leitcr, Robert" a Elmer Soan, George Jrimes, R. C.

Brane, William Cam'p- rell, Bach, Reese. L. J. Smith, Jack Smith, Gordon J. Bea- 'er, Wayne Long, James Long, Carl itomps, Cecil King, T.

Glenn Henderson. Solon Sentenced Still protesting his innocence, J. H. Kirbyj 23-year-old Georgia leg-' islator from Forsyth county, is seeking a new trial after being sentenced to serve two years in the on charge of holding up Atlanta loan pfflce, and taking $106. When first questioned he said a woman's honor had scaled his lips and.

"visions of husbanflaiy and HOUSE--Four rooms and pantry, partly modern, Center street, near High. Inquire 223" Buckeye. It' Want Ad Expressions Illustrated "Water Furnished" WHKEMtL JttfY titfK WCfflOUY THfJfi PgTS OF Another Good Melhod of disposing of your household pels is through advertising in the For Sale classification in the AA ant Ad section of the Journal. Every day the Journal finds a new home for a cat, a puppy, a canary, and at low cost, too. By calling 5600 and phoning your ad to a courteous Want Ad taker you can dispose of your pet stock through the columns of this paper.

The cost small and the results immediate! A AD HEADQUARTERS Phone 5600 FOR RENT HOUSE--High street, splendid location. Ten rooms, modern, two baths. Arranged' for two families, 575. HOUSE--Lindcnwald. Five rooms and bath, gas, water garage, $30.

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rooms, gas, electric, garage, $20. COTTAGE--West Side; Armondale, Azel avenue. Four rooms, water, gas, electric, sink, sanitary toilet, $15. HOME--Six room, completely 'with two-ear garage, Call 3635. 'It HOUSED--Three rooms, newly papered; water, electric, near car and bns line, $18.

Inquire 1135 South 12th. If COTTAGE Three rooms, gas, "electric, furnace, Symmcs and Madison, Lindenwald. Inquire "Max Joffe Furniture Co. BOV 12-14--2t BUNGALOW--FOOT rooms, cozy, modern, nicely furnished, including radio, piano, Maytag Washer, etc. "Will "give immediate for -only $35 966 North or phone -42-t APARTMENT--First floor, ern, garage, beat mod- West HOUSE--Three bath, garage, heat furnished.

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Middlelcwn the Journal can always found at the Dixie Newt- stand, No. 3 North St. tl COUPE--1926 Ford. Call owner, Phone 3935-M. MISCELLANEOUS SEE US--For money, loans made on yonr furniture, radio, livestock, farming implements and dia monds.

Pay al) your bills and owe in one place. American Loan 346 High street, phone 28. aept 6--tl ANIMAL -JUMPS THRU WINDSHIELD Rtbeiro Prcto, Brazil, Nov. Biancard is telling this ono in the store. When was driving to town a wolf jumped through the windshield.oE his car.

Ho shot the'beast and brought the carcass to municipal market. The new-born: guinea-pig'. seems quite at lioiiie world, while the absolutely helpless at birth. Lcgnl 1 On-anil after- this 'date, will, not ho responsible for any- debts contracted tor anyone otlicr limn myself. FRANK CLOCK'.

Nov 10--SI' REALTORS-SALES BUNGALOW--Terms. Five rooms, completely modern, large lot, ideal location, $4500. HOUSE--Six room, modem except fornace. Two-car garage. On paved street, close-in location.

$4200. Will trade for smaller house. Geo. McGilliard. Really Realtors, 393 or 867-51-1, 132 High, Opp.

Court House. It HOME--New, just outside city. Five roems, modern, DuautifuHy designed, oak floors throughout. Lot 65x145 or more if you wish. HOUSE--Village of Collinsville, Ohio.

Six huge rooms, largo lot, garage, storage shed, two waters, electric. 'Priced very low. May "I show you these? Franklin 51. Faucetl, Realtor, 420 Rentschler phono 036 or 551. It Side.

Six room, two story, modem except furnace. Garage. Priced -right. Six rooms and bath. Double garage.

$4000. W. S. Minuis, Realtor, 510 Rentschler plionc 4058; evenings 5184--856-M-l--5118. II DOUBLE HOUSE --Bargain.

12 room, arranged into four threo- room apartments. Revenue $70 per month. Two porches, cellar, two waters, gas, electric, four sinks, four'sanitary toilets, four separate entrances. -N'cwly painted and papered. Only $5000.

Asbury Realty Xo. 711 First National Bank phone 3635. Dick Braun, Salesman. Night phones 5343-W--U02-R. It REAL ESTATE SALES HOUSE--Sale or rent, six rooms, modern, all floors.

1301 lot. HO USE--Or trade, five rooms and garage. Good location. Inquire Homer Russel, Collmsville, Route 1. HELP.

MEN--Tiro good ones, who need steady emyloymeut, good commission and bonus. Call Wednesday 5 p. Room 3,116 High St. MEN--Wo need a few clean-cut men at once, to meet the demand for Majestic Radio, Tho Mighty Monarch of the Air, full or spare time. Al! replies strictly confidential.

Krebs Radio Department. 75--3t SALESMEN--To sell Holland beat temperature controls; also Air- You-Wel! power units. Holland Fnrnacc 829 Dayton. 75--3t WANTED-FEMALE HELP at borne, during spare time, substantial weekly pay; experience unnecessary. Dignified employment for.bonest, sincere, ambitions persons.

Write Wendell, Naperville, HI. fntares in beauty culture. Moler will 'train yon easily, qnickly. Write, Moler System, 206 62--211" AUCTION SALES AUCTION SALE--Two lots of furniture and household goods of all kinds, will be sold at A. Wirtz Storage Fifth and Maple avenne, Friday, November 14, at one o'clock.

Mack Erekler. Auctioneer. AUCTION SALE--Friday, November 14th, 7 1301 Grand Boulevard, all kinds of household goods'and clothing, -adding ma. chine, two electric radios. J.

T. Freeman, Auctioneer. AUCTION residence sales get Al Zimmerman, the auctioneer. 6th and Vine Sts. Phone 5091.

mon-wed-fri--tf LOST WRIST WATCH Gentleman's, lost at Jeff's Garden, Tuesday night, Reward; at 350 High phone 2238. 77--21 DOG--Beagle hound, black, while and tan, female. Answers to name Lady. Phone 3689-R, 854 North Third street. 77--2t DOOH-Irish Notify or rc- tnrn to 2562 Freeman avenue.

DOG--Large and 1 a'c bound, 510 McKinley avenue. Please return. lteward. Pearl Bundyl and a i duttj, November 12. 1930, I will not lio responsible for iny debts contracted for by any oilier person'tban myself.

c. nu.nfEV IS--31'.

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