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  • Andre 3000's "New Blue Sun"- A Sonic Tapestry of Tranquility and MysteryArts, News, Entertainment News 29 Nov 2023

    New Blue Sun André 3000, the Grammy-winning rapper and producer best known for his work with the hip-hop duo Outkast, released his first solo album in 17 years on November 17, 2023. Titled New Blue Sun, the album is a departure from Outkast's signature sound, as it is entirely instrumental and features no rapping or singing. The album consists of 87 minutes of ambient woodwind compositions, with André 3000 playing flute, contrabass flute, Mayan flutes, and bamboo flutes, along with other digital wind instruments. The music has been praised for its beauty, minimalism, and experimental nature. New Blue Sun has been met with critical acclaim. Pitchfork gave the album an 8.0 out of 10, calling it "a stunning and unexpected masterpiece" and "a testament to Andre 3000's boundless creativity." NPR wrote that the album is "a mind-bending, minimalist, and transcendent work of art" that "showcases Andre 3000's mastery of the flute." The New York Times praised the album for its "celebratory piece of work in the form of a living, breathing, aural organism." New Blue Sun has not been a commercial success, but it has not been a failure either. The album debuted at number 108 on the Billboard 200 chart, and it has sold over 10,000 copies in the United States. The album has been met with some controversy, as some fans have expressed disappointment that it is not a hip-hop album. Others have criticized the album for its length and its lack of rapping or singing. However, the album has also been praised by many fans, who appreciate its experimental nature and its exploration of new sounds. New Blue Sun is a significant release for André 3000, as it is his first solo album in 17 years. It is also a significant release for the music industry, as it is a major departure from the mainstream hip-hop sound. The album has been praised for its beauty, originality, and experimental nature, and it is sure to be remembered as a groundbreaking work of art. New Blue Sun is a stunning and ambitious album that showcases Andre 3000's versatility and creativity. It is a departure from his previous work, but it is no less impressive. The album is sure to appeal to fans of ambient music, experimental music, and hip-hop alike. Thanks for listening to Quiet Please. Remember to like and share wherever you get your podcasts.

  • Have Gun Will Travel - OTRWesterns.comArts, Fiction, Performing Arts 5 Jun

    Have Gun Will Travel was a popular American Western television series that aired on CBS from 1957 through 1963. It was the #4 show in the Nielsen ratings in its first year, and #3 for the next three years. It was one of the few television shows to spawn a successful radio version. The radio series debuted on November 23, 1958. The show followed the adventures of Paladin, a gentleman-turned-gunfighter played by John Dehner on radio, who preferred to settle problems without violence, yet, when forced to fight, excelled. Paladin lived in the Carlton Hotel in San Francisco, where he dressed in semi-formal wear, ate gourmet food, and attended opera. In fact, many who initially met him mistook him for a dandy from the East. When working, he dressed in black, used calling cards and wore a holster which carried characteristic chess knight emblems, and carried a derringer under his belt.

  • In this podcast, I use my 20 years as a transformational life coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Master Numerologist, and Conscious Channel to call you to higher self-love and higher self-value. This has been a big theme for myself and my clients as I have watched the numbers call me to my highest and best Self.

    My clients come to me tired of feeling stuck, frustrated, anxious, and overwhelmed. They are ready to deeply transform themselves, take radical responsibility for their lives and understand their purpose on this planet. They want to truly know themselves and release societal conditioning.

    I believe that everyone wants to know and understand themselves more deeply. For me, that came through years of self-discovery and Numerology.

    Are you ready to lead yourself with love and awaken to your soul’s purpose?

    Topics include: Self Leadership, Self Love, Spirituality, Numerology, Consciousness, Wealth Consciousness, and more!

  • Calling BankSports 27 Aug 2022

    "Did you Call Bank?: Paul "The Truth" Pierce: "Nah, I called GAME!" Calling Bank is an all NBA podcast, talking about the teams, the players, the highlights and the low-lights. Each fortnight we bring you the triple double of hoops, banter and segments to satisfy your NBA needs.

  • Calling it Out Education, Self-Improvement 21 Jul 2023

    Welcome to Calling It Out – the podcast dedicated to teaching you how to call out the BS in your head. Hosted by Life Coach and Eating Distress Practitioner, Jacqueline Campion Banks. Fully recovered from 15 years of living with an Eating Distress, Jacqueline has spent the last decade teaching people how to free themselves from Eating Disorders/Distress and many other types of self harming behaviour. Join us each as we provide the tools you need to pave your way towards full recovery. For more Recovery Tips & Tools following us on Instagram @marinocentre

  • CallingNews 18 Dec 2022

    A podcast on everything that is East of something. Produced and hosted by Aleksandar Brezar.

  • Calling All Craft Beer Leisure 12 Nov 2022

    As a beer connoisseur who has sampled over 5000 unique brews this show takes you on a tour of these brews and breweries with ratings and reviews on every single one! The good, bad, and the just alright... So tune in, take notes, and enjoy some Craft Beer craziness with Swoledadof3 himself! Cheers! Follow us on Instagram @callingallcraftbeer

  • We're gonna shoot the sh*t and also talk about karate bugmen. You can find us on Twitter @CKamenriders, and we're on Google, Apple , and Amazon Podcasts as well as Spotify and Overcast.

  • Calling MunroComedy 4 Apr 2023

    Two Icelandic geneticists and a Scottish doctor discuss the real intricacies of life, far outside their respective fields of expertise.

  • Calling All Stations with Christian WolmarTechnology, News, News Commentary 3 Jun

    Christian Wolmar, Mark Walker and guests keep you up to date with the most engaging news stories, policy developments and interviews across the world of transport

  • Calling All Bank DirectorsBusiness, Management 13 Mar

    Are you prepared to meet the challenges and risks of being a bank director? Bank directors have been the fall guys in past recessions. The American Association of Bank Directors has been your advocate since 1989 and our podcast, hosted by AABD President David Baris, is designed to keep you well informed to help protect both you and your bank.

  • Welcome to the Calling All Beings Network of Friends!

    In the wake of the government’s acknowledgement of the reality of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP), the CAB is driven to take the topic of UAP and the wider Phenomenon beyond the halls of the weird and into the broader public arena. Our goal is to ask “what if?” of professionals, academics, entertainers, athletes, and everyday people in order to inspire, enlighten, and explore how the potential reality of contact with Non-Human Intelligence may impact all facets of human culture and civilization. We invite you to hop in and enjoy the ride with us! Let us not forget our cousins in the forest, the Bigfoots, and our paranormal entities living among us in our homes and businesses :)

    #ufo #Bigfoot #Paranormal #uap #phenomenon #paranormal #ufotwitter #ufodisclosure

  • Calling All Creeps: A Goosebumps Literary ReviewComedy, Arts, Books 17 Oct 2023

    Hosts Matt Ryan and Dave Potosnak combine equal parts comedy and literary criticism in this Goosebumps appreciation podcast.

  • Calling KittyComedy, Improv 6 Jun

    Kitty Cassis has a natter

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Calling All Halos: A show about the Los Angeles AngelsSports, Baseball 30 May

    The Athletic's Angels reporter Sam Blum and former Sports Illustrated baseball editor Connor Grossman bring you the latest news and inside information on the Los Angeles Angels. He'll be joined by guests and go beyond the box score.

  • Calling Bullsh*tBusiness 28 Dec 2022

    The first podcast about purpose-washing...the gap between what companies say they stand for and what they actually do — and what they would need to change to practice what they preach.

    Hosted by Ty Montague, co-founder, Chairman, and Chief Purpose Officer of co:collective, a creative and strategic transformation partner for purpose-led businesses.

    In each episode, Montague calls on journalists, authors, leaders, and CEOs of some of the brands featured in the season to explore a company’s path to success and meaningful change. He also facilitates a panel discussion with additional experts to debate the company or organization at hand and provide concrete remedies and solutions for cleaning some of the b.s. up and to help drive action and transformation.

    Episodes releasing every Wednesday. Distributed by iHeartMedia.

  • Calling All Platforms Tech and Gaming NewsNews, Leisure, Video Games, Tech News 29 May

    We're just a few guys talking about our favorite hobby. And that just happens to be tech! We cover everything from Apple to Google to PC to console gaming. We give viewpoints from all sides.

    Landen: All things Google. Big into the mobile tech. Prefers Apple computers but usually uses Windows.

    Caleb: All things Apple. Uses a Windows PC for gaming.

    Wes: All things Microsoft. Even uses a Windows Phone. Big gamer.

  • Calling All NerdsNews, Entertainment News 10 Apr

    Welcome to the Calling All Nerds Podcast station! Come listen to one of the many podcast series that co-owners Max and Tyler produce! Interested in Pokémon? Look for the Chatting Chatot (hosted by Tyler)! Love movies? Keep and eye out for Pop Addicts (hosted by Max)! Do you just love anything nerdy?? Nerd Alert is the podcast for you (hosted by Tyler and Max)!! Stay tuned for other future shows to come!

  • Calling HoursBusiness, News, Management, Business News 4 Jun

    Join us each month as Danielle Burmeister, VP - Marketing Communications with Homesteaders Life Company, chats with funeral professionals and industry leaders to discuss the latest topics in the funeral space.

  • Host & Producer Kat Lively brings you a sentimental deep dive into Hollywood's most glamorous era, with the legends in Film, Television, and Music history who lived it.

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calling november 20 jesus un (2024)
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